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  • About Bob Mitchell

    Lifelong Delawarean

    Bob was born and raised in Greenwood, Delaware. He and Michelle, his wife of 30 years, raised their three children there and currently reside there. 

    Proud husband and father

    Bob met his wife Michelle at church when they were in middle school. They got married in 1988. They raised three children together: Emily, Abbey and Andrew. Emily is currently a social worker in the Wicomico County school system. Abbey is a high school English teacher in Greenwood. Andrew is in his last year of college in Florida finishing his B.Sc. in Nursing. 

    "Bob the Banker"

    Working in finances all over the state for 30+ years, Bob currently works at Meridian Bank at both Seaford and Milford locations. He has experience with people of all backgrounds and walks of life, looking at their finances and helping them become homeowners. Bob's profession is one of the reasons he is so passionate about the financial livelihood of Delaware. He has a firm understanding of budgetary components and projected numbers. 

    School Board Member

    Bob is a Board Member at Delmarva Christian School and has been for six years. 

    Republican Supporter

    Bob is a believer in the power of the people with government assistance, not control. He is a vocal supporter of the Republican Party.