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  • vision for the 35th district

    Fiscal Policy

    -Perform a top to bottom review of the budgetary process. 

    -Mandate that the State Budget must be passed a minimum of 15 days prior to the end of each legislation session.  

    -Require lawmakers to

    pass legislation and remain available to answer to the taxpayers for their decisions.

    -Identify areas of redundancy, waste, unnecessary or ineffective programs

    -Educate and inform public on where their money comes from and how it is spent – particularly in the area of State Debt – otherwise known as the Bond Bill. We simply cannot continue to spend an additional 5% of our revenues every single year – and many taxpayers are simply unaware of the amount of actual debt and unfunded liabilities we have 

    as a State.


    -Assess and address the vulnerability of each of our schools and take appropriate action

    -Empower our children by moving decision making away from a politically appointed central board to the local level.

    -Increase access to technical skills in all districts


    -Streamline the process for small businesses to open and operate where similar existing businesses have already operated

    -Streamline the appeals process for DNREC &  DelDOT. We need common sense regulation, not overly burdensome regulation

    -Develop a volunteer taskforce of business owners for their feedback and recommendations on

    what changes are needed and why

    Protect the Second Amendment

    -Our State Constitution states: “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.”

    -Enforce existing gun laws – new laws are meaningless if the existing laws are not enforced

    Promote the Sanctity of Life

    -Propose and support legislation that values, respects, and holds dear Life 

    -An example is the

    Pain Capable bill that has recently been proposed which offers protection to the most vulnerable among us.